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Highly reliable and responsive operations for daily and emergency needs

GXO provides agile, end-to-end public sector logistics for agencies at the national, regional and local levels. Our teams have experience working with transportation agencies, border control agencies, healthcare providers and officials at every level. We prioritize visibility and control at all times and use state-of-the-art technology in our warehouse operations, which ensures that you receive efficient service in every scenario—from routine operations and reporting to contingency planning, staging and emergency response.

Public sector logistics value-added services:

  • Centralized warehouse operations for optimal responsiveness
  • Disaster planning and relief operations
  • Equipment, vehicle and goods management and storage

Public sector logistics specializations:

  • Defense 
  • Emergency management 
  • Highways and other transportation infrastructure

Case study

Emergency response in New York City


The New York City Emergency Management agency (NYCEM) is responsible for overseeing the city’s emergency preparedness measures. The agency maintains the largest emergency relief stockpile in the US, encompassing more than one million liters of water and hundreds of thousands of ready-to-eat meals and mass care supplies. In 2007, NYCEM contracted with us to manage its Logistics Shelter Support and Commodity Distribution Points programs. In 2017, the agency renewed our multiyear partnership, expanding the scope to include mass feeding and other logistics.


One of GXO’s responsibilities with NYCEM is to expedite goods to approximately 100 shelters across five boroughs when severe weather or other hazardous events disrupt supplies. When a Logistics Shelter Support mobilization order is issued, we have a 24-hour window to deploy logistics and distribution resources, stage shipments and begin managing inventory replenishment.

In 2020, when COVID-19 arrived, we mounted an agile response—activating our all-hazard emergency management program with NYCEM to support frontline workers. Our specialist teams served as a logistics lifeline for NYCEM around the clock, seven days a week. Critical services included the large-scale distribution of medical supplies and cots to the Javits Convention Center, which operated as an emergency medical station.


  • Leveraged resources in the northeastern United States to meet NYCEM’s pandemic needs
  • Managed complex logistics activities in an extended emergency -response situation
  • Deployed pop-up warehouses and commodity distribution points across the city
  • Utilized trailers for portable temperature-controlled and dry storage
  • Safely reopened a demobilized warehouse for immediate occupancy 
  • Performed specialist kitting and other high-value-add services unique to the pandemic

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