Technology we build


We see endless opportunities to advance logistics technology through innovation.

Our focus is on data-driven processes, intelligent automation and machine learning — technologies that deliver smarter, more agile supply chains and help our customers realize their goals.

Logistics is ripe for transformation through the technology that we provide. Automation gives our operations the ability to flex with demand and deploy our resources where they have the most benefit. Real-time visibility enhances stock-keeping and lowers cost. Collaborative robots support workers during picking and packing operations. Ecommerce, in particular, requires an optimal combination of human and technological resources to address rapid growth, seasonal peaks and shifts in online behavior.

This commitment to game-changing innovation is a defining characteristic of GXO’s logistics technology. We’re engineering supply chains that transform logistics today and anticipate the future.

Advanced automation

GXO’s advanced automation leverages reliable technologies and new applications in order to provide customers with consistently high performance that can accommodate growth; Intelligent automation uses AI and

Automated sortation

Our automated systems are highly efficient and adapt to changing levels of demand, managing sortation with predictable outcomes and accountability

Digital warehouses and innovation centers

Our digital distribution centers are flagship operations for the customers that they serve and give us the ability to explore new technologies that can have wide-ranging benefits for our full network

Intelligent robotics

We deploy robotics to support our people in performing their work and to enhance the safety, speed, precision and productivity of our operations

Vision technology

We’re using touchless vision technology to increase speed and accuracy, with applications ranging from wearables to fixed-mount devices

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