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Automating a more dynamic and predictive supply chain

Reliable outcomes are the bedrock of every supply chain, whether a customer needs us to manage 10,000 or 100,000 orders per week. Our experts work with customers to develop customized solutions that employ the optimal combination of goods-to-person systems, collaborative robots , vertical lift modules, advanced sortation systems and other logistics automation that is adept at productivity. We also use logistics automation to alleviate labor-market challenges, drive continuous improvement and increase job satisfaction among workers.

Capabilities include:

  • Intelligent technology that learns fulfilment patterns, adapts to strategic changes and optimizes labor, storage space and workflows
  • Accelerated throughput, with 3-5x productivity gains possible
  • Agile peak management without hard infrastructure 
  • Lower workforce turnover and higher job satisfaction
  • Shorter training times, with safe, rapid ramps to full productivity
  • Fewer physical demands on workers, with ergonomics and reduced walking, bending and lifting

Case study

Strategic inventory management for a telecom leader


A leading telecommunications company sought a strategic partner to manage and distribute its inventory of switches, antennas and cables used by installation professionals. The partner also had to help the customer meet high demand for home internet bandwidth spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic.


GXO proposed a solution designed to maintain optimal inventory levels in storage at a centralized facility, with timely replenishment to contractors, technicians and retail stores. We consolidated the customer’s six-hub operation into one distribution center, implemented our warehouse management platform and order management system, and developed a dedicated portal for a vendor management program to facilitate inventory supplies.


  • Realized meaningful reductions in overhead costs for the customer
  • Enhanced consumer satisfaction by ensuring availability of inventory for field operations
  • Leveraged capabilities in place to accelerate implementation, providing rapid access to the additional nodes required to service home internet capacity

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