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Boost reliability and reduce cycle times

GXO’s extensive expertise with automated conveyor and sortation systems is a strong advantage for retailers, ecommerce companies and other customers with multiple markets. Automated conveyor and sortation systems, including linear and recirculating conveyor systems, replicates processes with dependable speed and accuracy across different geographies. Our operators use intelligent analytics to manage human and technological resources at optimal levels, meeting expectations for short lead times, accurate order fulfilment, personalization and easy returns. All of these capabilities work together to deliver critical predictability in supply chain operations for our customers and for their customers, even during peaks in demand.

Case study

Rapid fulfilment for a French ecommerce company


In 2016, a French ecommerce company specializing in shoes and accessories asked GXO to execute a strategy for a new, ultramodern, European distribution center. We designed the facility, which is located near Paris, to satisfy the customer’s requirements for end-to-end automation.


GXO developed the facility with more than 200,000 square feet of capacity to accommodate additional inventory and workstations as volumes increase, along with a large studio used to photograph stock. We invested in mini-load technology to most efficiently access approximately 2.6 million products stored on site. Inventory is picked using a rail-mounted moving mast that delivers the products to designated packing stations. Customers receive their purchases in easy-open boxes based on a technical solution developed by GXO; personalized gift packaging is added, as needed, during fulfilment.


  • Stock availability, delivery times and service quality closely managed to customer expectations, with orders ready to dispatch in less than 30 minutes on average
  • Reverse logistics for the customer’s European markets handled in the same facility, with returned merchandise accounting for approximately one-third of inbound flows

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