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Diversity, equity and inclusion

At GXO, our values aren’t just words on paper — we live them every day. And beyond our commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion, we’ve implemented a range of initiatives that help us bring those beliefs to life.

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Steering Committee

Leaders from across GXO support our mission to “promote diversity, inclusion and respect across our organization, serving as role models and leaders while being a collective catalyst for understanding and valuing the uniqueness of all GXO employees.”

Inclusion series

The series includes ongoing employee education and awareness-raising around the unique challenges of different demographic groups.

Impact through career advancement

We are committed to offering rewarding jobs and providing training to differently-abled people. Our commitment to disability inclusion includes partnerships and joint ventures for recruitment, inclusive workplace policies, mentors and workplace support and equal benefits.


We are partners in a joint venture with Ares, an organization that supports social inclusion in France. The program trains differently-abled participants in logistics jobs, such as forklift operation and order preparation, as well as in skills that help participants succeed in a traditional workplace environment. The program also provides social support for housing and financial assistance.


We work closely with WorkFit in the United Kingdom to connect our teams with individuals with Down’s syndrome. Through Workfit, six young adults with Down’s syndrome began employment at a GXO site in 2018. Each colleague has at least two “buddies” within the team and is assigned a designated trainer. The trainer remains with the colleague as long as needed and works as part of the buddy team.

Key statistics


of our 2020 US hires were diverse based on self-identification as a person of color, military veteran, LGBTQ+, or a person with a disability


Number of employees in France certified as people with disabilities

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