Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)


Our commitment to ESG

Our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles impacts everything we do, whether that’s designing safe and sustainable operations that reduce waste and energy consumption, building inclusive career paths that drive engagement and help diverse teams thrive, or ensuring best-in-class corporate governance practices, ESG is core to our operations and to our success.

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We promote sustainability in our operations and corporate infrastructure because it’s the right thing to do for our planet.  It’s also good business for our clients. By increasing efficiency within supply chains and effectively managing reverse logistics , GXO helps to minimize the number of products that end up in landfills.

We partner with our customers to design sustainable solutions, creating technology-enabled action plans to reduce emissions, invest in renewable energy, and decrease waste.

We have set bold environmental targets and are collaborating with our clients to help them meet their own environmental goals.

GXO is on track to meet or exceed our current goals:

• 80% global operations using LED lighting by 2025

• 80% global landfill diversion rate by 2025

• 30% greenhouse gas emission reduction from 2019 levels by 2030

• 50% renewable global energy by 2030

• 100% carbon neutral by 2040

2020 sustainability report GXO


GXO is dedicated to fostering a culture of safety, diversity, inclusion , development and engagement.  Some of our efforts include:

• Achieving a best-in-class safety record

• Hiring the optimal combination of employees and agency workforce

• Fostering diversity, inclusion and belonging in every workplace, in every interaction from the warehouse floor to the boardroom

• Fostering a high level of employee engagement

• Offering ongoing training and events to foster an inclusive culture and development programs for career growth and advancement

• Participating in and devoting resources to numerous community programs

• Deploying technologies that not only improve efficiency and productivity, but also help create a safer and more engaging work environment for our team members.

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GXO knows that how we do business is as important as what we do. Our commitment to principled, ethical behavior guides every decision in our business.

To us, effective corporate governance, oversight and stewardship mean:

• Adhering to strict legal, compliance and financial policies, procedures and practices

• Accurate financial reporting and strong internal controls

• Comprehensive risk assessment and risk management programs

• A diverse, qualified and engaged board of directors

• A comprehensive Code of Business Ethics and a culture that encourages employees to raise questions and concerns without fear of retaliation

• Setting executive compensation and equity holdings that align leadership interests with those of employees, shareholders and other stakeholders


AA (Leader) MSCI ESG Rating

Industry-leading ESG Business Practices


ISO certification for environmental management at many GXO facilities

Fuel emissions from forklifts

Monitored at warehouses, with protocols in place to take immediate corrective action if needed

Warehouse of the future

An environmentally advanced facility in the UK, with energy-saving LED lighting, ammonia refrigeration, air source heat pumps and rainwater harvesting

Used goods recycling

Millions of electronic components and batteries recycled annually as a byproduct of reverse logistics operations

Energy efficiency evaluations

Performed prior to selecting warehouses for lease

Optimal packaging

The most efficient carton sizes used for distributed products, and recycled packaging utilized when feasible

Sustainability in the returns process

When GXO runs reverse logistics, 1% of returned items go to landfill, compared to industry average of 25%

Road to Zero

Our Road to Zero program aspires to zero occupational injuries and illnesses while ensuring the emotional well-being of all GXO team members

Doing business the right way

GXO’s Chief Compliance and ESG Officer Meagan Fitzsimmons discusses why ESG is a crucial part of modern business, offering greater transparency and greater accountability to stakeholders.

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